Visit the South Bank of the Loire with Hexagon Tours.
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Visit to the South Bank
of the Loire

Visit the village of Montsoreau and the Château of Montsoreau, followed by a drive along the southern bank of the Loire with its troglodyte dwellings and vineyards as we make our way to Saumur. Lunch* (cost not included) is in Saumur, followed by a visit to the historic section for shopping and, later, tastings and visits to a distillery of fine eau de vies and a sparkling wine house.

  • Estimated Time: 5 Hours
  • Price Begins At: 230 Euros per vehicle, max. 5 people*
  • The South Bank tour may also be extended for a lovely visit to Château Montgeoffroy for an additional 60 Euros.

*The prices shown above do not include the cost of meals for the group, meals for the guide, or the parking and entrance fees of the sites visited. Extra hours are 25 Euros/hour, and extra kilometers are 0.90 centimes/kilometer. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

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